Introducing Aversity Gold Masterclass!

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What is Gold Masterclass?

Aversity Gold Masterclass is basically an online training program that will teach you STEP-BY-STEP and CLICK-BY-CLICK how to setup and build your very own successful affiliate marketing business from scratch.

Gold Masterclass is unlike any other training programs because the training is conducted by Sean Bagheri who is the CEO and Founder himself. Personally, I thik this is good as it tells me that he treats his training business seriously and that he makes sure he provides the best quality possible. For this program, you only have to pay once for a very affordable fee and get instant UNLIMITED ACCESS for as long as you like.

Why choose Gold Masterclass?

The reason why I am recommending this amazing course is because I find tremendous value at such an affordable price. In a while, you will soon find out what I mean.

What is so great about Gold Masterclass training program? 

To me, it is a complete and comprehensive course.

It is complete because it provides you the system, tools and education which you can watch and learn at your own pace and it covers all the modules starting from the beginning how to setup your own business website to the end on how to get your customers to buy from you.  

It is comprehensive because the modules are very detail and yet simple for any beginner to follow along with the click-by-click method. I will give more details of the course later on.

Personally, I find this course to be very effective for people who are totally new to internet marketing. This is the very reason why I like this course so much because when I started back about two years ago, I was struggling even to get started. 

Today, I am applying most of the stuffs here based on what I have learnt in this training program. This very page you are reading right now and all the tools such as the page builder using Leadpages and all the integrations between the opt-in forms and Aweber were created exactly the same way how you will learn inside this course.

Another reason I am very sure anyone who has never done affiliate marketing will feel extremely comfortable with the style of this course as I have already explained where you will be able to see every move, every step, every click.  

Sean will take the trouble to explain and show every move he executes. This is really something which I have not found in other training courses that I have bought. 

What will you get inside Gold Masterclass?

With Gold Masterclass, you will get a total of 5 couses - the main course (Gold Masterclass ) and 4 additional bonus courses.

The 4 additional bonus courses are: 

SPECIAL BONUS COURSE: Gold Masterclass Elite (Total 7 modules) 

When you get Gold Masterclass, you automatically also get Gold Masterclass Elite. The additional 7 modules inside will teach you more advanced strategies that will further help you to optimize your funnel and improve conversion and how to use YouTube as one of the cheapest and fastest traffic generation methods to get more sales.

Bonus Course #1: The Home Business Bootcamp (Total 10 modules)

This course allows you to watch LIVE how Sean takes a brand new ClickBank affiliate account from 0$ to $1,000/week using his top affiliate marketing strategy. This great program is for people who want to learn everything step-bystep by watching a super affiliate at work!

BONUS COURSE #2: 7 Touch Funnel Email Marketing Strategy (Total 12 video tutorials)

7 Touch Funnel is the process of converting a cold subscriber to an excited buyer. This funnel is one of my most profitable internet marketing funnels. In this course, you’ll learn how it is being built right in front of you.

BONUS COURSE #3: YouTube Advertising Domination Course (Total 8 video tutorials)

This course shows you one of the cheapest methods using YouTube advertising which is also extremely effective if it’s done right. YouTube ads is also the fastest way for a marketer to get a sale and they work with almost any budget! 

In total, there are 13 modules with 65 video tutorials in this program. In each module, there are about 5 to 12 videos and each video ranges between 5 to 15 minutes in duration designed to feed you in a bite-sized fashion so that it can be easily digested and keeping you focused.  

If you still holding on to your 9 to 5 job, I recommend that you spend at least 2 hours each day to complete 1 module. For some modules, you may have to spend a few days. If you follow this routine, I estimate you would take about 2 to 3 weeks to commplete the entire course.  

I will also suggest that you go back and watch those modules or videos again to reinforce your understanding so that you will become more familiar with the steps.  

Details of the course:

Module 1: Gold Masterclass Strategy Introduction Video #1: Module 1 Introduction Video #2: Affiliate Programs Video #3: Finding a Good Product to Promote Video #4: Important Tools Video #5: The Strategy Video #6: An Example  

Module 2: The Free Report Funnel Video #1: Module 2 Introduction Video #2: Email Followup Blueprint Video #3: Introduction to Aweber Video #4: Ways to Create Your Free Report Video #5: Setting up Your Free Report Download on Aweber  

Module 3: Your Presell Content Video #1: Module 3 Intro Video #2: Presell Content Requirements Video #3: Your Presell Content Research Video #4: Bucket Brigades Video #5: The Quick Scroll Problem And Solution Video #6: Presell Content Template Video #7: My Final Presell Content  

Module 4: Creating Your Website Video #1: Module 4 Introduction Video #2: Choosing a Domain Video #3: Your Hosting Service Video #4: Pointing Your Domain To Your Hosting Account Video #5: Setting Up WordPress Video #6: Quick WordPress Introduction Video #7: Installing Required Plugins On Your Website Video #8: Importing Your Leadpages Template Video #9: Designing A Simple Logo Video #10: LIVE: Building My Website Video #11: Finishing Your Free Report Funnel Video #12: How to A/B Test on Your Website  

Module 5: Free Traffic Video #1: Module 5 Introduction Video #2: Using Google Trends To Get Traffic Video #3: Using Q&A Website To get Traffic Video #4: Getting Free Traffic From YouTube Video #5: Getting Free Traffic From Forums Video #6: Facebook And Google Communities Video #7: YouTube Comments  

Module 6: Paid Traffic Video #1: Module 6 Introduction Video #2: Full Guide to Solo Ads Video #3: YouTube Ads Full Course Video #4: Facebook Ads Full Course Video #5: Bing Advertising Full Course  

Module 7: Introduction to Gold Elite Training Video #1: Module 7 Introduction Video #2: The Elite Strategy  

Module 8: Your Video Presell Funnel Video #1: Module 8 Introduction Video #2: The Video Presell Strategy Blueprint Video #3: The Presell Video Script Template Video #4: How to Create Engaging Presell Videos Video #5: My Presell Script Video #6: Creating My Video Using Doodly Video #7: Creating My Presell Funnel LIVE In Front Of You  

Module 9: Campaign Conversion Optimization Video #1: Module 9 Introduction Video #2: Using 404 Pages to Your Advantage Video #3: Optimizing Your Website’s Speed Video #4: Using Testimonials and Popups Video #5: Using Hotjar to Track User Behavior  

Module 10: Taking Your YouTube Campaign to The Next Level Video #1: Module 10 Introduction Video #2: Introduction to PLRs Video #3: Optimizing Your YouTube Channel Video #4: Optimizing Your YouTube Videos Video #5: Optimizing Your YouTube Videos Using VidIQ Plugin  

Module 11: The Launch Style Promotion Strategy Video #1: Module 11 Introduction Video #2: The Funnel Strategy Video #3: Your Videos Video #4: Live Build  

Module 12: Course Updates  

Module 13: Bi-weekly Webinars and Strategy Sessions  

How will you benefit from Gold Masterclass?

Based on my own experience after going through this course, I can list out more than a dozen benefits and advantages. 

But instead of boring you, I will share 7 key benefits which I personally felt had been very useful in helping me kick-start my own online business in affiliate marketing after acquiring these skills in the span of 2 fruitful years learning from this program.

Key Benefit #1: Learn Quickly Step-by-Step, Click-by-Click 

All the training videos are based on the click-by-click method, where Sean will show you every single click so you don't have to worry how to figure out the next move. 

This method will actually save you a lot of time since you know exactly what you are doing at every step of the way.

The best part is that you can replay as many tines as you like. I really think there is no better way to learn something on your own and at your own pace. 

That is why I said earlier you can easily finish one module in a day or two if you follow closely and complete the entire course in a matter of weeks.

Key Benefit #2: Learn to Build Trust before Selling 

This is something which I think Sean has covered very thoroughly in Module 3 - Your Presell Content. The 7 videos here will show the steps how to build a strong relationshiop and trust with your customers first. 

The key focus here is providing the value and solutions to your customers first instead of trying to sell them which will only drive them away. 

Sean explains in very detail the process steps and the concepts to achieve this. And the good news is that you will also get all the pre-designed templates in the course so you can just simply copy and paste or modify them a bit to suit your use.

Key Benefit #3: Learn How to Use 2 Most Important Tools 

The 2 most important tools which you will use very often will be an autoresponder (to send emails on an automatic basis) and a page builder (to create web pages, landing pages, opt-in forms, thank-you pages, etc...)

This will be taught in Module 1: Video #4.

These tools which I am using are exactly the same ones recommended in the training which are AWEBER (for autoresponder) and LEADPAGES (for page building).

These are also the most basic skills which you will require if you want to become an affiliate marketer. It is really not very difficult to learn these skills which are very user-friendly to use. With a couple of practice, you will get the hang of it and over time you will be very good.  

Key Benefit #4: Learn How to Create a Website in a Day

If you are completely new to affiliate marketing, then I believe you will find Module 4 - Create Your Website to be very exciting. 

If you have never created a website then I know it can be very scary at first. The simple things like getting a domain and hosting can be very alien to someone who has never ever heard it before. 

Rest assured, in this very exciting module, you really don't have to worry because Sean will show you every step and every click to create a simple stunning website in a matter of hours. Once you have learnt the basic steps, you will be able to create your own website in a day.

In fact, he will show you how to design your website using the most popular WordPress theme, and also another powerful theme called DIVI in his other bonus course. 

Today, I can easily build all my website using both of these themes and they are extremely easy once you have learnt how to use them. But at the start, I had to put in the hours to learn and I think I actually watched video #10 in this module more than 8 times. 

Now, can you imagine the feeling of having the power to create and build you own websites to start any kind of business you want? 

Think about it, one year from now, you will be able to say this:'s really not that hard yeah!

Key Benefit #5: Learn How to Pitch in your Emails

Not every person that visits your website will buy from you instantly on the very first time. Research shows that it takes about 7 times of interaction or communication before the person pulls out the wallet. 

This part is covered in the bonus course under the 7 Touch Funnel Email Marketing Strategy where Sean explains in detail how to craft out seven effective high pitching emails. 

The 7 touches involved here start with the opt-in incentives, the email subject, the email copy and format, the funnel giveaway content, the transitional process from free to paid customer, the sales funnel with 2 pitching emails that includes 2 critical elements of urgency and scarcity.

The cool news is that you get all the email and pitching templates included in this course.

Key Benefit #6: Learn to Drive Traffic Using The Cheapest and Fastest Method

Modules 5, 6 and 10 will teach you how to drive traffic using free and paid methods. 

I would say learning how to drive traffic to your website is super important but it is not the first thing you want to learn if you are a beginner. Do not spend your energy on these 3 modules at the start. 

The reason is because if you do not have a good understanding of the core fundamentals and the business strategies, you may set up your business wrongly, in which case driving traffic to your business website will be totally useless and you will also lose a lot of money (which happened to me). 

Sean is insanely great teaching one of the cheapest and fastest way to generate both traffic and sales using YouTube Marketing. This is covered in the bonus course under YouTube Advertising Domination Course. 

Key Benefit #7: Start Building your Online Business on your Own Without Spending Another Dime

When I say that you can start building your online business on your own, I mean that once you have completed the entire course, you don't have to engage and pay other people to do all these stuff anymore. 

You can actually implement them yourself, like I what exactly did. 

The only things I have to pay are the tools plus buying the domain and hosting for my websites. The rest of the money should be directed mostly in getting more customers.

Finally, I really hope I have provided you a good overview and adequate information of this training and how you can truly benefit from it especially if you are totally new to affiliate marketing.  

And do remember, you can apply whatever you have learnt in this program to almost all of your affiliate business.

Honestly, for just a few hundred dollars, I find it is an investment truly worth spending given such an affordable price you are getting for 5 intensive courses. I believe the value of this training program could easily be charged very much higher in thousands. 

And if you really put in the time and effort into this and just focus on learning for the next 2 to 3 months, I am very sure you can start to build your very own affiliate marketing business within a year.  

In closing, I want to share this quote with you: 

So if you're ready to start your own affiliate business, click the button below to watch the free video first and don't fo0rget to check out some awesome bonuses I have for you!


Lastly, if you have any questions, you can contact me at this email:

I will be very glad to help answer any of your questions.

I wish you all the best! 

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