Are you thinking of quitting your job but you still need to find something to replace your full time income to pay the bills? What is the best option you have without having to invest too much money except only your time and effort? What does it take to start your own online business?

If you are able to understand the power of delayed gratification and put in the necessary time and hard work for a short period of time, will you do it?

start your own online business

How To Start Your Online Business

There are many different types of online businesses out there and also different ways to start your own online business. But in this article, I am going to share with you how you can actually start your own online business doing affiliate marketing and start big commissions within a short period of time.

But I want to iterate, making money online with affiliate marketing is not easy but it is definitely possible provided you are doing it the right way. It will still require you to put in the hard work because what I am about to share with you below is a real legitimate business and not some quick get rich scheme. This is where I want to talk more in details.

You can find many affiliate networks out there today but to find a good affiliate network that incorporates both training and high-ticket program is a little bit difficult. Most people know about some of these affiliate networks where you can promote its products and earn a commission when a sale is made.

  • ClickBank
  • JV Zoo
  • Max Bounty
  • ClickSure

However, based on my experience, although these affiliate networks will give you a high rate of commission, usually about 50%-70%, you will still earn only a small profit after deducting your cost of advertising and marketing.

For example, if the product sells for $100, and if your commission is only 50%, then you will only earn about $50. And lets say your advertising cost is $20, then your profit is only $30.

So lets assume your goal is $10,000 per month, which is a very nice number for most people to quit their job and live comfortably. In this case, you will need to make 200 sales in a month to reach your monthly goal of $10,000.

In reality, you know it is very difficult to make 200 sales in a month and to make 200 sales consistently every month will be even more difficult and very unpredictable.

So this is exactly where most newbies and beginners fail in affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, it is really not their fault because no gurus out there will share this secret with them. And to be honest, I took almost 5 years to realize this affiliate model is not the best kind of affiliate marketing to sustain your online business. Knowing this secret now will put you light years ahead of anyone else out there.

So what exactly is a better affiliate marketing model where you can sustain in the long run?

Where The Real Money Is Made in Online Business

After about 5 years of struggling to make money online with affiliate marketing, I stumbled upon an affiliate network that was sharing a piece of secret that no gurus wanted to reveal or talk about. In the following section, I will share with you how and where real money is made in online business.

This model which is called High-Ticket Affiliate Model (HTAM) teaches you the only way to sustain in the long run is to sell high-ticket products which means that you can earn up to about a thousand dollars for each sale.

start your own online business with HTAM

Taking the same earlier example, if your goal is to make $10,000 a month, and lets say for each sale you make, you will earn a commission of $1,000, then you only have to make 10 sales. Now compared to the previous model where you have to make 200 sales, which option is easier and more achievable?

Obviously, trying to make 10 sales per month is still a better option. And the amount of effort to make 10 sales and 200 sales is proportionally the same.

But I know the next question you will ask me is… “But it is very difficult to sell more expensive products, and who will want to buy a more expensive product?

This is the same exact question I also asked myself when I first started out. Actually, this has to do with out our perception. We always think that people only can afford or they only want to buy product that are not too expensive. So we assume people only want cheaper or low-priced products. In reality, this is not true. Even though we all know there will always be more people who can afford to buy cheaper products than an expensive product, there are still a group of people who will be willing to spend more to get better value products.

A good example is the Apple i-phone brand where people are willing to spend so much to get it rather than buying other brands that sells for so much cheaper.

But you will be amazed there are a group of people who are willing to spend that kind of money because they are serious about making money online and they are willing to invest to see results. This is the group of people we are targeting at.

For example, if we say for every 10 people buying a low-ticket product that earns a $50 commission, and we have only 1 person buying a high-ticket product that earns $1000 commission, then how much do we make in this situation?

  • Low-ticket sales: 10 persons X $50 = $500
  • High-ticket sales: 1 person X $1,000 = $1,000

So as you can see, selling high-ticket requires you to focus on getting that 1 person out of 10 persons. It is less difficult to make one sale as compared to making 10 sales, and you get to earn more. In addition, what if you make 2 high-ticket sales? Can you imagine how huge is your profit margin now and how much faster you can reach you goal?

With this model, you can now start to re-invest your profits back into your advertising and scale up to expand your business. So can see the benefits of selling high-ticket products?

So the next question you might want to ask me, where can I find this kind of affiliate network?

Introducing The Best Affiliate Network To Promote

If you are looking for such an affiliate network to promote to make high-ticket commissions, then I would like to strongly recommend you to check this very well-known affiliate network called Aversity.

start your own online business to make $1K high-ticket commission

Aversity is an high-ticket affiliate network and also an educational program on affiliate marketing where it provides very comprehensive system and tools with step-by-step, click-by-click method of training and also allows you as an affiliate member to make up to $1,000 in commission for every sale.

The super cool part I like about Aversity is that you do not need to call anyone or do any selling. This particular affiliate network will do the calling and selling for you. And another key benefit is that unlike most affiliate networks, Aversity is one that comes with 1-on-1 coaching for you.

Here’s what people who are in this program have to say….

On top of that, it has a very wide range of high-ticket affiliate products in the affiliate partners’ program where you will be able to choose any of its products to sell and make a big commission. This also includes subsequent future commissions if the same customer buys any products because the customer is locked to you for life.

testimonial  making high-ticket commissions
testimonial  making high-ticket commissions with gold masterclass

I am recommending this affiliate network to you because because I have been in this network for about two years and this is exactly where I started learning all about affiliate marketing to make my very first big sales commission. I can honestly tell you this is a very good affiliate network to start with to earn big commissions so that you can reach to your goals at a much faster time.

I suggest you go through the Free 4-Part Training Workshop first to learn more about Aversity and how you can start your own online business with high-ticket affiliate marketing program to help you achieve your goals quickly and quit your job eventually.


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