Are you thinking of quitting your 9 to 5 job? Do you feel pissed at your boss, or perhaps working with some of the colleagues that you hate, or you simply hate having to drag yourself out of the bed every morning when the irritating alarm goes off?

Have you ever thought about starting your own online business but you are not sure how to get started or you may have doubts if such things that everyone is talking about nowadays is a scam?

Well, in this article, I am going to share with you a way that is possible if you are willing to put in some work and effort.

I want to be honest with you and say this upfront, starting an online business is really tough! Who ever says it is easy? If starting an online business is so easy, then wouldn’t everyone be doing it, agree?

start an online business

In this article, what I am about to share with you isn’t something that’s going to be easy for sure, it is going to take some real hard work for a ‘period of time’ but it is definitely doable and achievable.

Notice I said a ‘period of time’ because like any business, the start-up phase is always going to be the hardest but once you have placed all the basic elements and built the core foundations, then things will become easier.

Starting an online business requires hard work, the right mindset and most important, is patience and consistency to make progress on a daily basis, especially in the first few months during the setup stage of your business.

learning period to start an online business

If you are looking for something like a magic button, or a quick get-rich scheme, or any instant gratification program, then reading this article further will just disappoint you more.

But if you are looking to build a legitimate business, then I have great news for you which I will be sharing with you how you can start a real business, from scratch, and earn some passive income while still working at your job.

Step 1: Ask Yourself “What Is Your WHY

If you are really hate your current job and you are seriously thinking of quitting, then it is crucially important that even before you plan to start your own business, I would strongly suggest the very first thing you should do is to ask yourself one very important question.

This question: “What is your WHY?” will shape how you think and how you think will affect how you work. Get this part wrong, you will end up in disaster.

And it also depends on how much you hate your current job. In fact, the more you hate your job, the bigger should be your WHY.

ask what is your why

TIP: Getting the answer to your WHY on your own will have dramatic effect on how you think, because how you think will affect how you behave and how you behave will determine how much actions you take and how much actions you take will lead to the quality of results you get.

Ok, lets say if you are only interested in making money, which is not wrong because it depends on how do you make money.

So in the process of trying to make money, you push yourself to hard sell to your customers but without knowing if the product or services you offer will provide any value to them or actually help them. The thinking process is focused purely on making money without considering if you able to help your customers to solve their problems.

There are only two outcomes. Either they get turned off by your persistent selling or if they had bought from you and then later discovered the product did not actually help them, they will not come back to you again. This is the wrong approach and both ways, you lose out.

There is a much better way to approach this. It is really important you must first know what is your WHY of doing any business and in this case, affiliate marketing.

The answer to your WHY should centered around helping people to improve their lives. The WHY must come before the WHAT and HOW. What you want to do and how you are going to do it are not as important as WHY you are doing it.

The WHY involves the emotional part which drives action. They give you the reason, purpose and strength why you want to get up every morning. It will give you the energy to stand up again when you fall.

Trust me, you need this my friend because there will be days you’ll feel terribly down, and it is the WHY that will give you that inner strength to pull yourself up again and move on.

ask what is your why

So what is my WHY? My WHY is to help people create unforgettable experiences with their family and loved ones so that they will not regret later in life. This is my driving force!

So, what is your WHY?

Step 2: Join a Good Affiliate Training Program

Next, I have a question for you. Many people want to start an online business. If you are a newbie, how would you do it on your own?

The saddest part is the eagerness of trying to start an online business quickly, they will look for some gurus or internet programs that promise them they will earn thousands of dollars within a short period of time without having to much work. Sounds familiar?

It’s okay to admit it because I was one of them that fell into such traps. And it happened to me more than once until I finally woke up because I have already burnt a big hole in my pocket!

So today, my message to you is that if you want to start an online business, the best way is to find a good affiliate training program that will teach you all about affiliate marketing.

Don’t try to choose the easy way out by blindly joining some affiliate networks and start using the wrong methods of promoting to your potential customers. This will just backfire if you don’t really understand the purpose of affiliate marketing.

So how long will this kind of training? If you are still holding onto your 9-to-5 job, then I would say give yourself a 6 months time frame. I propose that you spend about 2 hours every day after work on your own education. This would take you about 2 to 3 months to complete and acquire all the necessary knowledge you need. And you should spend the next 3 months on implementation.

TIP: Invest in a good training program, educate yourself to acquire these high-impact knowledge and skills so that they become your own money-making assets.

To find a good affiliate training program, I would recommend you look out for 2 elements:

Element #1: The Affiliate Program Teaches Step-by-Step Method

Find a program that will provide you both the theory and practical implementation. A good program will explain the concepts in a manner most people can understand and then followed by the teaching you how to execute or implement it based on a step-by-step process.

step by step learning

There are many programs that give too much theories and concepts. Avoid these kind of programs.

For most newbies, they would prefer the step-by-step way of learning, especially for internet marketing, which by far is the most powerful and effective way of learning, simply by following the exact steps.

At the end of the day, you must be able to implement what you have learnt and the only way to know is by learning the step-by-step process.

The affiliate training course that I had taken is even better which not only teaches you step-by-step but includes every single click-by-click.

Element #2: The Affiliate Program Pays High-Ticket Commissions

What is high-ticket commission? A high-ticket commission is one that pays a rather high commission for a single sale made which ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

In my opinion, do not promote anything less than a $100 dollars in commission. Selling low-ticket products and earning a small commission, for example, $10 to $30, will not get you far and you will not be able to sustain your business in the long run.

start an online business with high ticket affiliate programs

In fact, there is no way you can scale up your business because you will be left with no little or no profits to re-invest a portion of your profits to cover your advertising costs.

So a good affiliate program is one that is able to let you earn a commission in hundreds and thousands. In that way, you will be able to sustain and scale-up your business gradually over time.

Step 3: Create Your Own Website

Creating a website? Its really scary and complicated, especially for most beginners and newbies, correct?

Indeed, that was how I felt about 5 years ago back in 2015 when I first started out. Today, I owned a couple of websites totally based on my own work and effort. I didn’t spend a single dime paying others to create a website for me.

Like I had shared with you earlier, if you are looking for an easy way out, and you are not willing to invest time and money to educate yourself, the you will be looking out for a very long time.

create your own website

There are a couple of ways to do this. Pay someone to do it for you if you have that extra money. Otherwise, you learn how to do it yourself, which I am strongly recommending you to take this option. Learn how to create your website with 5 simple steps.

Its is going to be hard at first, but by the end of the day, you will feel you will be in full control of your business because your website is your business.

With a website, you can then start to automate your online business which allows to make money while you sleep. I believe that is easy to understand.

To create a website, you will need to invest some money to get the necessary marketing tools to build your website and integrate it with the other parts of your sales funnel.

So how do you start to create your own website? Click here to learn how to create your website in the next 60 minutes with this 5 simple steps.

Step 4: Start Collecting Leads

This is the last stage after you have built your own website The last step is to start driving traffic to your website to collect leads and this will take some time and money to grow your list.

Collecting leads is a gradually long process but its is necessary if you want to grow and sustain your online business.

start an online business by collecting leads

Like most business where they will allocate a small budget for advertising and marketing, similarly it is no different for your own business. At the initial stage, nobody knows about your website, or your product and brand, so things will be a bit slow.

There are many ways of generating traffic to your website. Today, there are so many different social media platforms out there you can employ to collect your leads. There are the free methods and paid methods.

Personally, I like to employ both methods although I find the paid methods are my preferred methods that I can use to expand and scale up my business very quickly.

Whatever it is, remember that everything will start from small, but over time your list will surely grow as you start to build, promote and scale your business. Give it some time, like a small seed that will grow into a strong tall tree as the months and years go by.

oak tree

To summarize, the idea is simple:

First, ask what is your why in order to give you all the energy, driving force and purpose to start your amazing entrepreneurial journey. Second, find a good affiliate training program that has both elements, one that will teach you all about affiliate marketing and also provide you an affiliate program that pays you out high-ticket commissions. Invest some time to educate yourself all about affiliate marketing. Third, create your website by applying what you have learnt in the course. Lastly, start driving traffic consistently to your website to collect leads and grow your list over time.

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