I’m Wilfred, an Online Entrepreneur in Singapore

Hi, my name is Wilfred and I’m from Singapore, a tiny island below Malaysia with around 6 million people. I’ve worked in the corporate world for about 26 years and then one day, I decided I wanted to do something different,something meaningful, something more (guess some of you can relate to that).

It all began in 2012, I discovered I’d a passion for digital marketing because the work injects imagination and creativity. But the main reason is that the work is meaningful if it can actually help to improve people’s lives and that’s what I’m seeking to achieve to have a greater fulfilment in life.

Over the past decade, I’d been obsessively studying and attending courses and seminars to learn everything about digital marketing. Indeed, I’ve acquired many skillsets such as web design, sales funnels creation, leads generation, product reviews, email marketing and affiliate marketing.

Today, I’m deeply passionate thinking how I can use some of these skills to help others better their lives.

What I Do?

Generate Leads

I help small business owners generate qualified leads and sales using chatbots and sales funnels.

Design Websites

I help entrepreneurs and start-ups design and build websites for their businesses using wordpress.

Write Reviews

I help people make better decisions with product reviews before they purchase any products.

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